Heather's voice is beautiful, gentle and powerful. Her presence at a friend's memorial was grounding and comforting. When she began singing and walking around the circle, the energy shifted and deepened. It was a natural start to the ceremony and interwoven as one of the most memorable blessings.

~ Ceremony attendee

You absolutely know what you are talking about...your dad's memorial was the most beautiful, meaningful memorial I've ever attended. 

~ Beloved of the deceased


Oh, you have such a beautiful voice!  It was so calming.  And when you were walking around the perimeter of everyone it just felt so comforting - holding us, pulling us together.

~ Officiant


Heather was a compassionate and grace-filled companion in helping guide me in planning my mother's memorial service. Though I am an officiant myself, it is different when it is your own family member and I knew I couldn't plan my mother's service. The relief I felt at having someone else take the reins was palpable daily, and the day of the service she was a gem! Her assurance and calm energy filled my heart and when she sang, the room filled with light and love.  Heather is a gifted Celebrant and a wonderful human as well.  It was an honor to work with her.  Heather was a gift to me! 

  ~ Daughter of the deceased